Reasonable responsive redesigns

Your team has been hounding you to redesign your website, citing everything from it not being up to today’s standards, not responsive, looking out-dated.

Your view is a little different. Even though the site is desktop-only, it works and your users know around it — the result of years of designing, developing, and learning from a couple of missteps.

Still, one of the arguments your team’s been telling you will strengthen as time goes on. Sooner or later, you have to address the growing number of mobile users. Based on what your designers and developers are telling you, the only prescription is a full redesign from the ground up.

A full redesign is a risky move. First off, your team will spend months on this. Intense months. If something jumps up to top priority, it probably won’t not make sense to build it for the old version of the site, and instead wait until the redesign is done. Your team will essentially be tied up until the launch.

Second, the need for perfection. After hammering on about the redesign for ages, your team will want to show their very best work with the new site. Don’t set your deadline and budget in stone since both will go over.

Third, the big launch. Your users will freak out when everything changes all at once and they have to re-learn the entire site.

What if there was a way to skip the full redesign and get towards a mobile-friendly future with your current site? No big project that would tie up your team for months, no big deadlines, and no big launch to send your users over the edge.

No big project and deadline would allow your team to still showcase their skills but do so in a more relaxed environment. The work would be flexible with plenty of opportunities to make changes based on user feedback.

The key is to approach the responsive redesign as just a feature to your existing site and not as a separate project. Everything should be based on your current site to insure your users aren’t overwhelmed and that you don’t stray from your usual process. No big launch, all changes happen one step at a time. It’s easy to take one step backwards when you’ve only gone that far in the wrong direction.

The most crucial part of the process is the first one, preparing your site for responsiveness. Going from desktop-only to *responsive-ready*. Your only goal at this stage is to prepare all the core elements of your site to support responsive pages as well as desktop-only pages. This provides the flexibility, you being able to have responsive and desktop pages living side by side.

Once you’re done with the first part, you can start knocking out individual pages into responsive at your own pace.

I can help you and your team start your journey towards a responsive site. We’ll go through your website together, I’ll ask you a few questions, and at the end you’ll receive a Responsive-ready Action Sheet.

The consultation is priced at €149 (plus VAT where applicable).

Please, schedule a free 15 minute call below and we’ll check that this service is a good fit for you.

I promise not to be a pushy salesman on the call.


I have separate mobile and desktop sites. Why would I need this service?
Google will lower your ranking in search results for having separate sites. So if you depend on Google to send you users, you should combine the two sites.

My team says this approach isn’t possible.
There are some rare cases when it won’t work, but for most it’ll work. Please, (schedule a call) with me to make sure you’re part of the 1.5%.

Why shouldn’t I just use my own team?
If they’re onboard with it and have the chops to do it, then by all means go for it!

Mobile-first is the only way to make responsive sites.
It’s a really good framework when you’re creating a site from the ground up but not ideal for redesigns.

Why me? I’m Tommi Koskenoja, a responsive redesign expert. I have a decade of experience from reasonable and unreasonable, successful and unsuccessful web projects. When we work together you’ll work with me, not an army of junior employees sent to train on your project.

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